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I’m an art director based just outside Atlanta. But I also consider myself a pretty good headline writer, strategic thinker, and presenter.

I've worked lots of places as a freelancer. And I've worked on staff at J. Walter Thompson, Sawyer Riley Compton, Moxie Interactive, and most recently as a creative director at The Dalton Agency. I also taught in and headed the advertising department at Portfolio Center for over ten years. For more on all of that, and for some comments from others, please see my LinkedIn page.

I’ve been honored to have my work in The One Show, Communication Arts Annuals and Magazine, The Art Directors Club, Archive Magazine, Creativity Magazine, and Print Magazine. I’ve won awards and done work I'm proud of for everything from a product that prevents foot rot in cattle to flour that makes your biscuits light and fluffy. And I love the challenge of a new problem and a blank page.

I’ll make you and your client happy. I promise. Call me.

Tony Messano
(770) 354-0772